Hello, I'm Amanda!

I'm thrilled that you're here!  My hope is that you can navigate through my webshop easily and find what your needing or even just get inspired in someway!  

A little about myself...   I am a painter and designer working in oils, acrylics, watercolor and gold leaf.  I love designing trendy, elegant pieces that are subtle in their own way while at the same time bringing the perfect focal point to a room without over doing it.  I love art that is timeless.  I am a "less is more" painter with much intention of airy space and purposeful vacancies in my work. I feel that it can bring a calm simplicity to a room without having your artwork screaming from the wall with business and confusion.  I love to create beautiful canvases that draw your eye into the piece finding yourself lost in the painting for a while.  I hope that if I have the opportunity to share my work with you that it will compliment your home and be one of your favorite things about it! 

I'm originally from Texas, but for now I'm living in Colorado just east of the Rocky Mountains. I enjoy everything that Colorado has to offer outdoors...  camping, hiking, biking, fishing, you name it!   Though my LOVE and my PURPOSE is my children.  They are my life.  I love being a mom and I love that I can do my painting and still hopefully be the mom they need.  Although, it's not always easy, and I fail often,  I rely MUCH on God and His amazing grace each and every day.  A good cup of coffee helps too!  I know every parent says this, but they do grow up way too fast!!  

I studied Interior Design and Architecture in Texas at Abilene Christian University.  After that, I mentored under many amazing painters in California learning invaluable skills.  I love to teach children and adults passing along the knowledge and skills I've received yet I'm still learning each and everyday myself.  I'm currently illustrating and working with a few companies that reproduce some of my paintings in the U.S. and a little across the globe as well.  I have a true art soul that can't stay focused on one thing for too long.  I HAVE to move around A LOT.  From project to project, painting detailed portraits of children, hummingbirds, even drafting a house plan or two, to large abstract paintings on canvas. I'm a typical free-spirited artist who relishes in scattered wet brushes and ruined, paint-splattered clothing, while still having the ability to somehow be super efficient and oddly organized! 

I'd love for you to follow along on my Instagram if you have it!   There you can see lots of works in progress and sometimes even snag something you like before it's available here on my website. All of my paintings include gold, silver or copper leaf, which are my specialties.  It makes for a really pretty contrast with my color selections.  I also use a lot of reclaimed wood in which my wonderful, retired father and "world's greatest brother-in-law" help me in keeping an eye out for, collecting, and building custom canvases.  

I couldn't do what I love without the continued support of my entire family.  They believe in me and have always been huge encouragements for me and my work.  My kids are great with bright futures ahead of each of them and I could not be more proud.  I am hopeful, more than anything,  that they can learn from the life I live that family is my number one priority.  We are in this together and it makes even the hardest of times not so bad when you have people that love you by your side whenever you need.  Be there for one another.  Try to always return the love and support that your loved ones have given to you. 

I am blessed to have this opportunity to share my art and my passions with you!   Please feel free to contact me anytime!



Client Reviews


Amanda was absolutely tremendous to work with. She took my requests/design ideas into consideration and really worked with me to create an amazing piece of art. She was timely and kept me in the loop during the entire process. I would hands down recommend her for anyone that is looking for something unique, creative, and one of a kind! :)


I just received my art piece yesterday and I absolutely love it. It's beautiful and Amanda was so wonderful to work with. She made sure I was happy every step along the way and made changes to ensure it would go well with my decor. Thank you so much Amanda!


Absolutely stunning!!! Photo does not near do this work of art justice. An honor to have such talented work hanging in my home. Thank you for sharing your creativity...


My painting turned out beautiful and Amanda was wonderful to work with. She shipped on time and made sure I was 100% satisfied.


Stunning painting!! Thank u so much for the swift delivery! Gorgeous!


My custom piece couldn't be more perfect! :) Thank you! 


I love it!!!! Beautiful, vibrant and unique. Just what I was looking for!


This is my 2nd piece of art from Amanda Faubus and I couldn't be happier! She captures such incredible beauty in her paintings of hummingbirds! It's as though she gives them each a little soul. :) I am completely satisfied with the quality of these paintings and the timely manner in which i received them. 


Thank you so much!!!!! I absolutely love it and can't wait to purchase another one of your pieces!!!!


I loved this painting from the first time I saw it, and pleased that it met my every expectation (colour, size, feeling). A small issue with delivery was very quickly resolved and always fast response communication. Thank you for making my home feel more homely with this gorgeous addition!


This is a lovely painting. Can't figure out how to post pictures in this review, but trust me... it works perfectly in the large dining room of our 1800 farmhouse. Amanda was very accommodating to personalizing the piece (coloration and tone, use of gold leaf). I love hummingbirds and this is a perfect addition to our home. Thank you Amanda


Thank you so much, cant wait to get my Christmas present ;-) Greetings from Germany!!


A gorgeous piece of art. Wonderful and helpful artist.


Thanks it looks great on the wall


Beautiful painting, seller was great to work with and personalized for anniversary gift. Looks fabulous in our home! 


Beautiful little oil painting makes me smile . Hanging happily in my kitchen.


The painting is beautiful. I am extremely happy with it.


A wondeful painting. Thank you!


Amanda, the artist, is amazing. I am a repeat customer. Amanda is fair, kind, honest, and a fast shipper. Thanks again, Amanda!