Hello, I'm Amanda!

I'm thrilled that you're here!  I hope that you find what you're looking for or even just get inspired in someway!  

A little about myself...   I am a painter and designer working mainly in oils and gold leaf.  I love designing trendy, elegant pieces that are subtle yet at the same time bring the perfect focal point to a room without over doing it.  I love art that is timeless.  I am a "less is more" painter with much intention of airy space and purposeful vacancies in my work. I feel that it can bring a calm simplicity to a room  without the business and confusion.  I love getting lost in a painting and hope that you find yourself here sharing the same passion! 

I'm originally from Texas, but for now, I'm living in Colorado just east of the Rocky Mountains. I enjoy everything that Colorado has to offer outdoors...  camping, hiking, biking, fishing, and of course the plain air painting here where everywhere you look is a masterpiece waiting to be painted.  Although my love and my purpose is my children.  I love being a mom and I love that I can do my painting and still hopefully be the mom they need.  

I studied Interior Design and Architecture in Texas at Abilene Christian University.  After that, I mentored under many amazing painters in California learning invaluable skills.  I love to teach children and adults passing along the knowledge and skills that I've received yet I'm still learning each and everyday myself.  I'm currently illustrating and working with a few companies that reproduce some of my paintings in the U.S. and a little across the globe as well.  I have a true art soul that can't stay focused on one thing for too long.  I need to move around A LOT.  From project to project, painting detailed portraits of children, hummingbirds, even drafting a house plan or two, to large abstract paintings on canvas. I'm a typical free-spirited artist who relishes in scattered wet brushes and ruined, paint-splattered clothing, while still having the ability to somehow be super efficient and oddly organized! 

Commission a painting

If you’d like to commission me to do a piece of artwork please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Giving Back

DID YOU KNOW?  99% of all maternal deaths occur in under developing countries all over the world. Five million deaths occurred within the first year of life each year.  800  women die EVERYDAY due to causes related to pregnancy and child birth.  Babies are being born without mother's due to the lack of simple life saving procedures that we have available to us in the U.S. 

Compassion International has a specific foundation that helps moms and babies simply survive.  Especially in that first crucial 24 hours for the mother and new baby.  This is such a sad reality to me of this world we live in. Especially being a mom. I've been praying about a way that and I can start painting with much more of a purpose.  A monetary portion of the proceeds from each painting I sell go to this foundation.  If you're considering purchasing some of my work,  I want you to be informed and hopefully want to support this cause with me.  There are so many ways to help within the Foundation.  I encourage you to check it out too, something might tug at your heart strings.  :)



Thank you so much for letting me share my passions with you,